March, 2014



Riverbank Neighbors and Waters Garden community member are invited to join The Chicago Time Exchange

Dear neighbors,

For Riverbank Neighbors and Waters Garden, we've set up new subgroups. The Chicago Time Exchange is a new and vibrant community of people working to expand and build a membership (it's free!) with various skills, interests, and needs, to barter hour for hour. It can make it easier to see if there's a neighbor who can water your garden when you are out of town or barter for any help you want to request or offer. how handy! People can help each other out individually or in groups. There's already 5 people on the Time exchange, though they haven't joined the groups we set up yet.


We don't know if this invitation will lead to anything, but if it did, how cool would that be?

Sign up HERE for the Chicago Time Exchange (no cost, easy to do, choose a password you won't forget)


Once you join, look at the groups and find the Riverbank Neighbors and/or Waters Garden and request to join.

Here is the facebook community page (learn about parties, invitations, and opportunities)

Here's a video that explains what's great about Time Banks: